Firenze Life

10 000,00 

Firenze Life

Premium Hot Tub

3 Seats

The arrangement of the two adjacent recliners and one seat in the Firenze hot tub is unique in the European market. In designing the MySeat™ recliner, our designers eliminated the inconvenience caused by any difference in body height, so our shorter and taller customers can enjoy the same massage experience. Due to its height of 76 cm, this model easily fits through a normal front door, making it very easy to install. It is spacious enough to include 37 jets, and still small enough to fit almost anywhere – be it a shady terrace or a slightly bigger bathroom.

Size: 2 130 × 1 600 × 750 mm

Places: 2 reclining places, 1 sitting places

MyMusic™ 2.0 sound system

The watertight elements installed for the myMusic™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality. There will be no more trouble with CDs or Mp3 players, or other external units, since you can connect to the built-in receiver unit from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

WOW System

Wellis Optimized Waterflow Our improved electric water diverter provides 75% higher pressure with approx. 45% less energy consumption compared to our previous models’ large manual diverter.

OZMIX™ System

20% more effective than using ozone without a mixing chamber. Compared to the disinfectant systems on the market, this system eliminates the most bacteria.

SMART-IN Step system

The 3 kW heat pump can be stored under the step. The heat pump can operate from -5 °C up to +40 °C, which results in a 70-75% heating energy saving. We have created storage compartments inside the stairs, and it is also possible to charge mobile phones and light up around the steps.

Colors Ice White / Grey, Midnight Canyon / Grey, Sterling Silver / Grey, Storm Clouds / Grey, Tuscan Sun / Brown
Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured plastic
Insulation New Scandinavian insulation – polyfoam 3.5 cm*
Water circulation Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump (0.25 kW)
Control panel Easy7
Water filtering 1 pc Superfine filter cartridge, Ozmix™ system (Ozone + mixer)
Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0 sound system
Size and Dimensions
Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 213 × 160 × 75 cm
Colour-therapy lighting 1-zone light-zone system*
Premium solutions Smartphone™ app with WiFi, Thermo cover
Smart-In Step System Smart-In Step + 3 kW heat pump + LED lighting
Technical specification
Power requirement 1 x 16A 230V/50Hz minimum*, 1 × 25A 230V/50Hz optimum
Heating unit 3 kW
Hydromassage pump 1 pc 2 HP double speed (230V/50Hz)
Frame WPS
Comfort solution
Amount of water 685 l
Reclining / Sitting places 2 reclining places / 1 sitting places
Total number of jets 37
Colour-therapy lighting 1-zone light-zone system*

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